It provides students with an easy and flexible payment experience.

Modern payment solutions for universities

Simplicity and automation play a key role in paying university fees. With EuPlătesc you have complete control and maximum flexibility over the payment collection process through safe, fast and efficient payment methods.

Enrollment increases

Increase enrollment, student retention and profitability through smart payment methods.

It offers flexibility

Diversifies online and over-the-counter payment methods and increases student satisfaction by giving them the ability to pay bills the same way they shop online.

It saves time

Reduces the time invested in creating accounting reports, with EuPlătesc transactions are automatically entered in the accounting system, and you receive monthly reports

EuPlătesc gives you control over your income, helps you reduce costs and manage day-to-day operations more efficiently, while giving students the convenience they want.

It offers a different payment experience with modern and flexible payment methods.

Online payment methods to grow your business

Any cardholder can use his card at Romanian virtual stores, provided that the issuing bank allows him to do so. Using the "Visa Secure" and/or "Mastercard IdentityCheck" systems, the cardholder has the opportunity to define a personal password that will confirm his identity and protect the card data against their fraudulent use on the Internet.

Card payment

It is the fastest and cheapest payment method that facilitates online trading for all types of business.


In partnership with TBI PAY we offer an online payment method through which your customers benefit from online loans with fast approval.

Installment payment

Payment method that allows customers to pay for the service or product you offer in installments to the credit card issuing bank.

Pay by link

Payment method that gives you the possibility to accept online payments even if you don't have a website, as it turns any communication channel into a checkout.

Pay by Face

Payment method that uses biometric technology for a secure and fast payment experience.

Recurring payment

Recurring payment allows customers to make payments automatically at regular intervals.

Virtual Terminal

Payment method that allows you to turn any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet into a POS system without hardware.

Pay by SMS

It is the easiest and safest way to pay online, because the buyer does not need to have a credit card or bank details.

Online Fraud Solutions

Using advanced encryption techniques and the latest fraud protection technologies (including 3DSecure), we offer a high level of security that allows you to focus on business development, rather than managing the risks of online trading. Protect your online business with the help of the solutions included in the service packages!

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Certifications EuPlatesc

EuroPayment Services S.R.L. is certified SR EN ISO / IEC 27001: 2018 (#171, Information Security Management System), SR ISO / IEC 27701: 2019 (#05, Information Privacy Management System) and SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 (#10104, Quality Management System). These certifications are added to the PCI-DSS Level 1 certification – Service Provider and DPO certified personnel (TÜV Austria Romania) which confirms EuPlătesc.ro’s concern for the continuous improvement of the quality and security of the services delivered to our customers.