Payment by SMS

Give quick access to your goods and services with an efficient payment method.

Secure payments just an SMS away

This payment method is offered in partnership with TBI Pay, one of the main credit service providers operating on the Romanian market. Your customers will benefit from a loan with fast approval, 100% online process, so that they get the desired product/service as quickly as possible. Returning the credit to TBI Pay is the responsibility of the buyer according to the credit agreement, and you will receive the full amount.

Why choose SMS payments?

Your customer can make the payment in less than a minute by sending a message without worrying about the security of their bank details.

SMS payments are convenient for small amounts of money, such as: membership fees, voting for a TV show, credits for online or mobile games.

Billing is handled by the mobile operator as the message is sent to the mobile payment provider, who secures the transaction between the buyer and the seller.

EuPlă has a partnership with all mobile phone operators in the country: Orange, Vodafone, Telekom and Digi Mobil.

Message promotion can be one of the most effective methods of customer loyalty through discounts and promotions.

Types of SMS payments

The customer enters the phone number directly on the website, EuPlătesc sends another code by message that the user will use to access the online content.​

The customer is directed to a web page where they are given a code. He sends the code via SMS and receives another code that will allow him access to the desired content.

The user sends a text to the advertised number and receives the desired service in return.

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SMS payment brings fast results through a convenient and affordable platform.

Online payment methods for developing your business

Any cardholder can use his card at Romanian virtual stores, provided that the issuing bank allows him to do so. Using the "Visa Secure" and/or "Mastercard IdentityCheck" systems, the cardholder has the opportunity to define a personal password that will confirm his identity and protect the card data against their fraudulent use on the Internet.

Card payment

It is the fastest and cheapest payment method that facilitates online trading for all types of business.

Recurring payment

Recurring payment allows customers to make payments automatically at regular intervals.

Installment payments

Payment method that allows customers to pay for the service or product you offer in installments to the credit card issuing bank.

Pay by link

Payment method that gives you the possibility to accept online payments even if you don't have a website, as it turns any communication channel into a checkout.

Pay by Face

Payment method that uses biometric technology for a secure and fast payment experience.


In partnership with TBI PAY we offer an online payment method through which your customers benefit from online loans with fast approval.

Virtual Terminal

Payment method that allows you to turn any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet into a POS system without hardware.

Online Fraud Solutions

Using advanced encryption techniques and the latest anti-fraud protection technologies (including 3DSecure), we offer you a high level of security that allows you to focus on business development, instead of managing the risks of online trading. Protect your online business with the solutions included in the service packages!

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Certifications EuPlatesc

EuroPayment Services S.R.L. is certified SR EN ISO / IEC 27001: 2018 (#171, Information Security Management System), SR ISO / IEC 27701: 2019 (#05, Information Privacy Management System) and SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 (#10104, Quality Management System). These certifications are added to the PCI-DSS Level 1 certification – Service Provider and DPO certified personnel (TÜV Austria Romania) which confirms EuPlă’s concern for the continuous improvement of the quality and security of the services delivered to our customers.